Jim Britt

YOU ARE Missing Out on the Life You Deserve

Jim Britt, World’s Top 20 Success Coach Shares the Simple Secrets of Taking Control of Your Mind and Activating Your Real Potential

You Don't Have to Struggle

While the average person struggles through their daily grind, some individuals simply coast through life, enjoying the repeated successes that the rest chalk up to God-given talent or just plain luck.

There’s something you don’t know about these select few…they all have something VERY important working in their favor. And that is…They have all managed to stumble upon the secret of optimal brain programming.

You see, we all have unlimited potential to create the life we want, but sometimes our brain is programmed to sabotage our efforts.

In my program I am going to show you how to eliminate self-sabotage, something I discovered over 35 years ago, that has totally shaped my life. You too will see your life start to transform right before your eyes.

You Can Remove the Invisible Forces Driving Your Money Habits

Change Your Money Habits

The startling fact is, 95% of the population at age 65 will have less than $7,000 in their retirement fund. How about you? Are you one of them or do you want to learn how to create wealth?

Most people are doomed to stay right where they are financially unless they understand that there are many “secrets” about making money that work together in combination with one another--- giving you the winning “combination” to making money!

Financial success is like a giant vault at the bank with a thick steel door blocking it and a combination lock.  Unless you have the right combination to that lock, it doesn’t matter how much you beat on the door, how hard you work, how many lists you make, how motivated you are or how many good intentions you have. If you’ve struggled with money issues over and over again, the chances of you changing without knowing what’s stopping you is about 1000 to 1.

Jim will show you in this program how you can have all the money you want. It just takes learning and developing the traits that rich people use.

You’ll learn how to let go of ingrained beliefs you have about wealth and money that were programmed in childhood

You’ll Learn to block the vicious cycle that confines most people to a life of mediocrity.

Making money is easy. Deciding to make money is hard. You can do it the hard way or the easy way with Jim’s guidance

There's no shortage of money on the planet, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it and know the combination to the vault. 

As you make progress through the program, solutions to earning more money will begin to appear and obstacles will seem to disappear.

You Can Eliminate Conflict in Your Relationships

Eliminate Conflict

Relationships are not logical puzzles to be solved! They are both logical and emotional… and that requires a great deal of understanding about yourself and your partner. When couples struggle, they usually go to extremes using their assets, making them a hindrance in the relationship instead of a benefit. Or they hide their assets in order to feel more compatible but end up cheating the relationship and their partner out of their strengths in the relationship.

Jim will show you how to better utilize your assets and how to eliminate the two emotional needs that create 90% of the conflict in all your relationships, personal and otherwise.

You Can Start Living the Life You Want Today!

Start Living

Question: Do you feel that you are happier today than five years ago? Have you truly made significant progress toward the life you want to live? Have the last five years turned out the way you wanted them to be? And if not, why not?

The million-dollar question for a lot of people is how do we let go and walk away from what’s familiar to us? How do we let go of our pain and conflicts? I believe that most people have a desire to do more with their lives, to be happy and not suffer their emotional pains, to earn more money, but most often their fear of the pain of change prevents them from even trying. We very often fear what we want most. And at the same time, we get what we fear most. A mutually supporting cycle. Our mental programming is so averse to change that it prefers to keep us safe and secure within the status quo, so we stay where we are even though we are miserable. Just look around you.  You see it everywhere. If most people want to be happy, wealthy, content, free of emotional conflict, what is it that keeps them from making the changes they need to make to get there?

You’ll find out what stops you when Jim helps you identify and break free from the patterns of the past. When you begin to see the truth behind the conflicts and unhappiness watch what happens to your life. What will happen is that the right people, experiences and opportunities will begin to flow to you effortlessly.

Think of something that’s holding you back in life. Maybe a reoccurring relationship problem. Maybe a ceiling on your income that you can’t seem to get past. Notice how you feel when you think about it.

Now imagine how you would feel and how your life would be different if that block vanished, it disappeared. How would that feel to you?

We all have moments when everything we do just seems to work. It is during these times that great insights occur. We feel abundant, happy and trusting of life. We are refreshingly still inside, our usual nagging “chatter” is quiet, and our energy flow is profoundly open. In this state we are able to experience our own true nature and the full beauty of our surroundings. We feel alive, balanced and purposeful. Then suddenly, without any notice at all, this vibrant, loving state disappears as mysteriously as it came. Our soaring spirit seems to fall back to sleep as we drift back into our old identity. Jim will show you how to break free of this mental roller-coaster that keeps dropping you off at the same place and to start living the life you want…today!!


We understand how difficult it can be to stay on track these days. This is why the Daily Tips delivered weekdays from Jim Britt, in short bite-sized pieces, are designed to reset your focus, plant a seed of inspiration toward things you “could” be doing to better or more of, to accelerate your progress and move you toward improvement in every area of life one step at a time.


Strategy videos, 8-12 minutes in length, are designed to unlock the power of your mind and create impactful and long-lasting change. And even though some topics discussed may seem random, we know that every area of your life connects and influences all areas of your life, so improvement in one will ultimately improve another.


Hour long lessons designed to help you re-create or re-invent yourself moment to moment. Self-creation is a basic principle at work at every moment of your life. It’s behind the creation of your personality, behind the creation of your mindset, your business, money, your success, your health, your relationships and everything else in your life. Every time you act, you add strength to the motive that’s behind what you’ve acted on, positive or negative.


This program was designed with everyday life in mind, and with an approach that will have the highest overall impact in all areas of your life, allowing you to be the best you can be, accomplish more in less time and let go of the blocks that stop your success.

First off…the reason why our learning efficiency falls so quickly is because the brain needs time to process what it has learned as well as time to re-program.

By piling on too much information at one time, the brain’s working memory cannot effectively process everything so it discards most of it, allowing your outdated programming to take over and continue to run your life.

The power of the mind, in particular the subconscious mind, is unlimited yet can be elusive and restrictive if not managed properly with repeated supportive input.

This program will bring daily, weekly and monthly mentoring and exceptional value to its members through innovative, fun and effective ways to tap into the power of the mind.


$27 $1 / first month
  • Daily Audio Tips
  • Weekly Video Sessions
  • Monthly Video Lessons
  • $1 First Month | $27 After